MDPM wants to ensure it instils confidence, our aim is to deliver on our landlord’s bottom line and in so doing ours.  We never forget the higher order of our business is delivering for the landlord. Core to that is ensuring we operate ‘in full view’ of our landlords. As such, we do things a little differently. Openness in the way we operate engenders accountability. This ensures that landlords can assess our performance and positively influence the way we do things.  We believe that scale is a two-way street, best built on the quality offer that founded our business. Working with MDPM means working in true partnership.  We expect our landlords to be receptive and open to our suggestions for their properties, therefore this feedback process has to be reciprocal. The basic chagrin of every landlord is paying agents money monthly for doing very little or nothing.  We illustrate our value for money by allowing landlords access to our operations allowing them to determine if our service is worth their fees.  We are confident that we can illustrate that value

Each month we provide our landlords with a summary of each properties performance. We know that our landlord’s time is valuable, and therefore the overviews are easily digestible and give a detailed. Our reports allow for them to monitor and evaluate the performance of their properties ensuring they make decisions on the best financial information at that time.