Privacy Policy

Maison D'Etre Property Management Ltd is the ‘controllers’ of the information (‘personal data’) that we collect about you, our ‘data subjects’, which means we are responsible for how your data is processed. The word ‘process’ covers what can be done with personal data, including collection, storage, use, sharing and deletion. This privacy policy explains why and how we process your personal data, and explains the rights you have, including amongst others, the right to access your data, and to object to the way it is processed. Please see the section on ‘Your rights as a data subject’ for more details on your rights and how to exercise them.

Why? The main reason we need to process your data is so that we can offer you the best service available, whether you are a customer, colleague or anyone else that we work with.

What? We use your contact details, financial information and other personal information to provide you with our services, which sometimes involves sharing data with our trusted partners and contractors.

How? We handle your data carefully, and have appropriate controls in place to protect it from breaches. We also work to ensure that data is accurate and only kept as long as is necessary, and that we uphold your rights around how we handle your data.

Personal Data

‘Personal data’ is any information that relates to a living, identifiable person. This will usually include your name, address, contact details, and other information we collect as part of our relationship with you.

It can also include ‘special categories’ of data, which is the official term for information about a person’s race or ethnic origin, religious, political or other beliefs, physical or mental health, trade union membership, genetic or biometric data, sex life or sexual orientation.

The use of this type of data, and of information about criminal convictions and offences, is subject to strict legal controls.

We only process data if we need to for a specific purpose, as explained below. Most often, we collect your personal directly from you, through our contact with you.

How we store your data

Your personal data is held in both hard copy and electronic formats.

Electronic data, including emails, is stored on MDPM’s servers and on our software suppliers’ servers, which are located in the European Union.

Where we contract with a software supplier who stores data outside of the EU, only minimal data is processed, for example for carrying out feedback surveys, and we ensure appropriate safeguards are in place.

Your right as a data subject

As a data subject, you have the following rights in relation to your personal data:

  • To be informed about how your data is handled;

  • To gain access to your personal data;

  • To have errors or inaccuracies in your data changed;

  • To have your personal data erased, in limited circumstances;

  • To object to the processing of your personal data for marketing purposes or when the processing is based on the public interest or other legitimate interests;

  • To restrict the processing of your personal data, in limited circumstances;

  • To obtain a copy of some of your data in a commonly used electronic form, in limited circumstances;

  • Rights around how you are affected by any profiling or automated decisions.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us in writing or on the telephone.

Withdrawing consent

If we are relying on your consent to process your data, you may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us.

Your data, how and why we process it


When you apply to live in one of MDPM home, we collect information directly from you and from relevant third parties, in order to assess your eligibility and suitability for the application you have made.

Some decisions are made automatically about your eligibility, based on the answers you provide in your application, but you will always be given the opportunity to challenge the decision.

This processing is necessary for entering into a contract with us, including a tenancy agreement or a purchase contract. We need to know that you are eligible, and that you can afford a property, and/or sustain your tenancy, and we may need to offer you additional support as part of your tenancy.

MDPM customers

When you are one of our customer, we will collect information from our interactions with you, including any complaints or allegations that are made by you, or about you, and we process this information to allow us to manage our relationship with you, collect your rent, and provide you with tenancy or sales related services, and appropriate support services, and to manage any complaints or alleged ASB or similar issues.

This will involve sharing information with, and receiving information from, third parties:

Where crimes have been committed or alleged information is shared with the police and other agencies with investigative and prosecution powers;

Where local authorities require information for council tax, we will confirm tenancy information to allow the correct tax to be paid.

We will also share information with debt collection agencies so they can collect debts on MDPM’s behalf.

Most of the information we collect and use as part of our ongoing interactions with you is necessary for the performance of your contract, and is linked to ensuring both you and MDPM are complying with the requirements of the contract.

We have a legal obligation to keep business and financial transaction records as appropriate.

We will offer you further support based on our legitimate interests to enable you to sustain your relationship (tenancy/shared ownership relationship) with us to the best of your ability.

If we contact you by email or text to let you know about our offer, we will do so based on your consent to that use of your email or text contact details. Please refer to our Email Disclaimer page for more information

If we refer you to an external agency for further support, we will do so only with your consent to pass your details onto them.

When we share information for the reasons explained, we will do so on the basis of the fact it is necessary for a task in the public interest (crime, benefits and tax payment) or for our legitimate interests of debt collection.


For members of the public who are not customers but come into contact with MDPM in another way, such as to make an enquiry, complaint or allegation, we  will collect information from our interactions with you, so that we can provide you with the information you have requested, or so we can investigate and handle any complaints or allegations.

We process this information on the basis that it is necessary for our legitimate interests of responding to your enquiry, complaint or allegation, as appropriate.


We work with external contractors who provide our customers with housing related services, for example repairs or asset maintenance, and we will share your contact details with these contractors so they can contact you to arrange appointments to provide the services.

MDPM’s suppliers of computer systems have access, which is controlled, to the data held on the systems, only as part of providing us with support.

Work contacts

People we work with – organisations and companies – your contact details are personal data and we will treat it accordingly, using it only as part of our relationship with your organisation, whether we work in partnership or have a customer/supplier relationship.

This processing is based on our legitimate interests of managing business relationships appropriately.